Questions and Answers

I'm under 18.  How can you help me?

Our book list provides some great reading to raise awareness and understanding about the "whats" and "whys" of Childhood Emotional Abuse.  The iHope Discussion Forum provides a safe place for you to express your concerns and receive input from your peers.  Also, please consider the iRanza Counselor Network to receive professional treatment that leads to recovery.

I'm a parent.  How can you help us?

The first step is to accept that this is not your fault.  If you and/or your child are here, it's because there is a mind to mend.  Blameless Grace!  There's no place here for finger-pointing; awareness will be your way forward.  Connect with a counselor with all defensive pretenses set aside.  Understand what has triggered your child to feel this way, and why.  From there, the healing can begin.

I was a victim, now an adult.  How do I stop the cycle?

Congratulations!  Recognizing the generational effect is a major step to stopping the cycle.  Find a counselor who can help you become aware of your role.  That counselor can help you process answers to your sincere inquiries about your child's feelings.

You may have been taught to deflect unsavory feedback onto your child.  Receive, absorb, and discuss with your counselor to better connect with your child and end the cycle.

What's your phone number?  Can I call you for help?

Our mission is to connect you to trained professionals.  Please see our iRanza Counselor Network for a list of counselors and organizations who can provide guidance and treatment.

As we build this network for you, we encourage you to seek local and online counselors who can provide keen insight.  We hope to have financial assistance soon, but don't wait to pursue the help you need.  Find someone today!